What is our privacy policy?

This chapter includes comprehensive information disclosing the instances of usage of personal details you handed to us and which is referred to as personal data.

How the personal details are collected?

The data needed for identification of the client’s mail address, user name, name, telephone number, and address are collected in the process of the signing up on our website. Here we include the data like postal codes, area codes, and countries. The material describing your computer hardware and software (the type of browser, IP address, domain names, time of access) is used by the custom support assistants to improve the quality of essay services.

Making the order the customer is asked to provide some financial details needed for payments. This information is protected by the special servers. Indicating private or credit card data in public messages provided by the resource you give the access to other people. The resource does not take charge of the material shared this way.

The personalities under 13 are not allowed to use our website. If the resource gets to know the user has provided unreal data concerning the age and there was no parental consent for such action the information concerning this person will be deleted.

In what way do we use personal details of our clients?

Identifiable personal information is obligatory for the site operation. It is also needed to inform the client about the new options and discounts provided by the service. Our resource doesn’t sell or take on lease the clients register of the third parties. This is not considered. We can only provide the access to some of your private details needed for the services participating in the customer support operation system, sending messages, statistical analysis, and the delivery of the order. This is necessary for the qualitative services delivery. The partners with the partial access to your data are abolished to use it otherwise than in the described instances.

The information disclosing religion, race, political views is not shared but for the occasions when there is the client’s consent for such actions.

When are the personal details disclosed?

The determined by law instances and the situations when the data is needed to adjust the processes taking place on the site to the acts of legislation, to defend the proprietary rights of the company, and to provide security for the customers of our resource.

How our site is related to policies of the third parties?

To optimize the clients’ provision with information we represent links to the third-party resources having the policies of their own. Visiting those websites you disclose your personal information to the other providers and for the safety needs you have to get acquainted with rules according to which they use your personal details. Our website does not bear responsibility for the policies of other websites.

How do we determine the function of cookies?

Cookies are used to gather the information related to the general Internet use which files are automatically downloaded to your computer and put on the hard disc of the webserver. Cookies cannot integrate programs or viruses to the computer. They serve to adjust the online experience of the client helping to recorder your personal data next time you address to the resource. Due to this feature the information can be restored and the client finds no difficulties to look through the customized items. The computer can accept cookies and can reject them. This is related to the browser settings. In most cases the command “to accept” them is settled as a default, but if you want to change it you should insert changes into settings of your browser. The interactive features will be not completely available to you while visiting our or other sites.

The links to other sites represented on our resource provide cookies, but our resource is not responsible for controlling them. Having clicked on their banner on our site or having visited them their cookies will be downloaded automatically to your computer.

How do we provide safety of the personal details?

Having submitted, your personal information and the content are collected and placed on the principal server, processed and stored. The act of submitting represents the consent of the client for information management in the described above limits. The resource provides protection against the data loss and alterations. The personal details are stored on the protected servers that prevent from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Among the steps allowing to us to protect our customers is the verification of the identity with the user ID and the password. This is one more obligatory step. Having deleted some data on your account on our resource, this information may still remain on our server (even after the account is deleted). We do not sell, disclose or use these details.

Writing the review you automatically give your consent to the resource to use it on the pages of the site. Anyway, you still have the right to address to the custom support requiring to delete your review if you find it necessary.

The process of the data transmission through the internet cannot be completely safe and our resource cannot provide guaranties in this concern. Thus, the electronic transmission of personal details is held on your own risk.

How do we insert changes into policy?

The update is needed to raise the quality of services in whole may determine the changes in the policy. Corresponding notifications are sent to the clients, but the advice is that the customer should review these pages to make confident his information is protected.

Feedback processing

Our resource is welcoming the clients’ suggestions concerning the privacy questions. If you have found a discrepancy in the realization contact us and we will represent changes improving the situation.