Terms and conditions

This chapter states the issues of cooperation of the company offering the services of writing assignments completion on the one hand and the client asking for such assistance in any volume on the other. The determined in this article conditions are brought to protect both parties. They also enhance the quality of services. Signing in the customer manifests its consent to the procedure of collaboration in whole and every single instance of it in particular.


This company is a platform where the customers can address the writers offering the assistance on writing task completion. Different levels of complexity are provided. The authors perform assignments of varied types (essays, term papers, dissertations). The company enables the delivery of services by authors to customers and the transmission of payment from authors.

Representatives of our authoring staff are the freelancers. Before being hired each of them passes the compulsory testing. If the company is not confident in the ability of the writer to provide professional assistance it can require some supplementary data related to education and the sample of essay illustrating his skills.

The customer can make his order following the procedure of order formation offered by the resource. Receiving the order the writer takes the responsibility to complete it in time and following the requirements. Having finished the task he gets the payment and the rights of ownership of the products are automatically transferred to the client.

Order procedure

The registration on the site demands valid email indication which may be needed to inform the customer. Placing the order on the site is free. We choose the best suitable specialist to perform the task and send him the detailed information related to the work. The customer places the discussed sum of money on the site and we assign the writer. The messaging system enables the communication in the process of task completion (between the writers, the customers, the custom support office). Look through the messages regularly. The client is not allowed to try to organize direct collaboration with the online writers without addressing the site. When the task is already assigned the special tracing system allows the customer to view the percentage of its completion. This function is available anytime.


The company is not liable for the issues caused by other service providers (internet, email, etc.) because the website is not authorized to deal with these matters. The problems concerning the delivery can be solved by the custom support representatives.

If the content delivered by the writer doesn’t correspond to the provided by the client specifications or represents the plagiarism instances the client can refuse it and get back the payment. The company is not liable for inappropriate or illegal use of the delivered writing assignments (the loss of scholarship, expulsion, legal proceedings, suspension, and any other legal actions). In case of dispute resolution needs the writer is the answerer.


If the assignment doesn’t correspond to the requirements stated by the client he can ask for additional revisions or refunds. Such requests are accepted in the three days term after the document completion. Addressing the client should indicate the reason of reimbursement needed which will further be processed by the Quality Department. Its approval permits to receive the payment. If the decline took place the client will be informed of the reason for such actions.


The company reserves the right to implement changes into the current agreement (the chosen chapter or the whole document) with or without supplementary informing the client. New revision becomes operational as soon as it is represented on the site.


Addressing to our resource the client agrees to indicate the data which are actually accurate, to update these details, to use the services in the legal purposes only. If the company gets to know any of the listed duties was violated it is authorized to terminate such account and reject the use of services.


The fee for the service is placed on the stage of making the order before the specialist is assigned. Having received the final revision of the document the client can represent his complaints related to the quality of the document within three following days. After the termination of this period the writer gets the whole sum of payment. It means the customer is satisfied with the work.

Concordance with local legislative base

The company doesn’t manifest its site is appropriate for addressing in other territories. The users visiting the site do so on their own accord and are liable for their actions as for the correspondence to local law.


The resource is authorized to delete the account of the user in definite situations. They include instances when he indicates the false personal details, misleads, conceals any important data, takes part in frauds connected with transactions, causes harm to the company server or the clients (viruses, malware, and Trojan horses transmission, spamming, using links to sites distributing them), is breaking the agreement. The account will be deleted even if the fee has been paid.

Primary Law

The terms of this agreement are constituted in accordance with the law of the territory of the principal place of business or any other territory which is determined by the company. The company determines the primary law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is not applicable to this document.

Dispute Resolution

Any court processes related to this agreement will take place in the territory of the principal place of business or any other territory which is determined by the company.


If the client has any questions or matters related to the described terms and conditions he is free to address to our resource anytime.